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RSC Scripting Guide Using SCAR Divi

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Many of us in the RSC community recall SCAR by Kaitnieks and there is an abundance of scripts available on the web if you know where to look. The downside is that these don't work on most private servers and it is hard to learn from them as they are very much outdated. Additionally, there are great scripts here but they all seem to heavily rely on MSSL which is also outdated now.


Are there any guides or decent example scripts for someone interested in scripting for RSC servers (in general) that utilize SCAR Divi? I am an experienced programmer but have very little background in SCAR's scripting language.


As an aside, how much of MSSL is specific to Project RSC? I guess it's hard for me to imagine writing such a huge library without considering portability.


Thank you,


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