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How to become a SCAR user and scripter

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If you're here reading this right now the first thing you're probably wondering is What is SCAR? and Why would I want to be a user... much less someone who creates new scripts?


SCAR is a macroing application used as a tool of artificial intelligence made by Freddy to help simplify the task of automating by gathering useful resources and putting it into an easier to use application (IDE/CDE) in pascal script which allows users to create their own useful scripts to share and modify with others. There are people who make includes for SCAR that help gather more useful resources depending on application. We'll get more into includes later.


Getting SCAR up and running is as simple as downloading and installing it. http://forums.scar-divi.com/tutorials-faq/303-how-get-osi-scar-ready-botting.html

That link is a little outdated but you should be able to follow basic instructions easily enough to find the download page for SCAR on the main site and get OSI using the includes manager File -> Includes manager (in SCAR) SVN and git are added extras that will help you share code with people across the world and organize projects.


Now that you have SCAR ready to go (and OSI for added resources) you'll probably want to use SCAR. You'll notice a lot of shiny buttons. I'll explain all of them


File -> This menu is self explanatory

Edit -> This menu is also self explanatory... there's a few extra features that you probably aren't used to for example increase/decrease indenting... that's used to double space over for coding standards example:








I'm not going to teach you programming standards in this tutorial but you can see there is a particular way to code that increases its quality as viewed by others. If you intend on being a script writer you're probably going to want to be a good typer. If you can't type good enough already you may want to invest in something like Mavis Bacon etc. get your speed up.. you'll also want to work on your act i.e. your grammar etc. it's important to be well composed overall if you wish to be successful and respected by other coders.


You'll see there's stuff like Replace and Go to line etc. these are just extra tools to help you edit big blocks of code all at once or sort through them. You can use Notepad++ to help you with that. The most important one maybe be CTRL + F this one will allow you to search through massive blocks of text to match phrases. I use it on the internet and elsewhere when reading articles.


View is pretty much self explanatory. You have a functions list that shows you all of your functions/procedures and if you click on them brings you to that line (we'll get into what functions etc. later) there's colors tools, some other tools, and lastly there is Minimize to tray and SCAR always on top. Minimize to tray just means SCAR turns into a little icon in the system tray and SCAR Always on Top means that window will be at the front and you can't overlap it.


The next menu is Script. Your first menu option is Compile.. this is good for checking to see if the script has any errors. if it compiles fine than your script should be good to run! This is good for debugging scripts that won't compile. The next Thing is your Run option. It's the same as the run button. It compiles the script to check for errors and then executes the code to begin running the tasks it has been programmed to. There's Pause and Stop. These are used for pausing the script while its running and for stopping the script entirely.


On the Tools menu you'll find Redefine Hotkeys... if you click on it it'll pull up the commands you can access like Pause and Run simply by hitting a key sequence (like CTRL + ALT + DEL) and you can even change them to what key sequences you want. Savescreen shot will save a screen shot to your screen shots folder (under Explorer -> Screenshots Folder). Pick color will pick 1 pixel's color where you click and automatically copy that number to your clipboard and post the coordinates and color decimal value in the debug box. Pick Bitmap allows you to pick bitmap. Picture to string will convert a bitmap from file to text you can paste into your script. String to picture does just the opposite. DTM Editor (that's for more experienced coders.. you'll have to find a DTM tutorial.. I'll make one before too long.) Form editor lets you make your own GUIs.


Under Tools there is a sub menu called Explorer that all you to access your Dfm folder (containing your GUIs you made in the form editor). Fonts folder (containing all your fonts) with OSI they'll actually be contained within OSI... Includes folder.. this is where your includes will be stored i.e. OSI . MSSL, GMRL. Warpie etc. there's some more folders but those are all pretty self explanatory.. if you're curious just click on them.


Back to the Tools Menu there is Associate .scar files so that .scar files now have the SCAR emblem and open SCAR when you click on them


Export script as html changes a script to html format for posting on the internet to keep the style


Options you'll find code hints, Syntax, firewall options. Should be self explanatory.


Client you'll find Client always on top (already explained above by SCAR always on top). Transparency you can actually make the window partially see-through. Reset Client specified


The client is what SCAR is looking at. If you drag and drop the cross hairs onto runescape now instead of the whole screen it just sees runescape. This is very important as all the coordinates (like you saw earlier with color picker) are relative.


Everything else in SCAR as far using it should be self explanatory. If you have any questions hop on the SCAR IRC http://forums.scar-divi.com/forum-discussion/2572-access-scar-irc-chat-online-access-help.html


From here you need to go read tutorials on how to become a scripter. I've written two... they are both very old and I myself have gotten a lot better since I wrote these but they are still very good tutorials that will get you on the right path


Tutorial for the "Beginner Scripter". With video aid.

Tutorial for the "Intermediate Scripter" with video aid.


I'll be making new ones ;)



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Is there a book on pascal, which would be compatible with Scar 3.40?

I am trying to learn about scripting with scar and need something that teaches me about pascal and debugging the scripts.


Thanks for your time, consideration and help.

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