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Looking for a scripter!

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Looking for someone who could write some scripts for a MMO that if very similar to Runescape Classic but with a bit better graphics. It is not a browser based game it is a launch from desktop MMO. The name of the game is AW Planet. Would love to find someone who is looking to challenger their script writing abilities in a new game! I am willing to pay per script if it comes to that....


Post her with any questions or PM me please! thank you for your help!

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downloading a video game recorder now and will figure out how to post the video. the tasks are identical to runescape/RSC


Mineing and banking, fishing and banking, cooking and banking, fish and drop items, mine and drop items, auto fighter, smithing, smelting, etc etc...


- - - Updated - - -


created a youtube account uploading a video of me pulling items out of bank, cooking and banking the cooked fish. it says 55min left until it is uploaded... idk why it takes so long it is like a 45 second video.

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Here is link to cooking and task. took over an hour to upload to youtube idk why... know of any faster video hosting platforms?


Anyone who is interested in helping me out with some scripts let me know.. Wanted PM me or add me on Skype please?

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Had a look at this just for giggles. Reminds me of RuneScape Classic. It does have some challenges...


SCAR can't read the client screen directly, so that has to be worked around. The game window (and EVERYTHING in it) can be resized. When it resizes all the interfaces move and scale up/down in size. Including all text everywhere. And there is no way (in game) to reset things back to the default size.


The game itself is English (can be switched to Russian) but the website is horrible mix of both. Most important documentation (what little there is) is in Russian, including the maps. Documentation is basically non existent and there doesn't appear to be any fan sites to comb for information.


Fun little challenge.

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