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OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

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Just lie some more and put up fake accounts that I didn't ever have. Your cover is blown. Start apologizing for this shit you put me through

Keeping facts straight: these accounts were linked with IP addresses on accounts you were known to own. Further many are variations on account names you were known to use. Now, if in your mighty attempts to ban evade you used a proxy that someone else used and got an extra account tacked on there, that is again your own fault.


Keeping facts straight: I have not "put you though" anything and want no further involvement with you. This will be aided by your cessation of communication and/or idle threats.

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Some of them are mine. About half aren't. Admit to that or you can go fuck yourself.

There is compelling evidence from a combination of IP address matches and registration emails that each account listed belongs to you. Regardless, if your best argument is that "about half aren't" the point is moot as having even a single duplicate account is cause for a permanent ban, while having multiple accounts that sometimes talk to each other (!) is cause for significant concern in relation to your mental health and/or motives. Regardless, the matter is closed, and I will not comment further regardless of what provocative statements you make.

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This is getting really ridiculous, and very annoying. I simply have to agree with BenLand.

Your behaviour is becoming a problem, both to me, and to this community (you don't seem to be able to realize it). I am getting enough of this crap.


And really?? Are you worth the trouble of making "fake evidence", and a bunch of fake accusations? The way I see you are acting is really pointing towards there claims.

And you constantly have to bring up every piece of crap that you have managed to involve your self in on this forum?

Seriously, if there was nothing to it, then why do you keep getting in trouble?


Side note: The edit-button is nice, instead of writing down 9 songs in a row filling up the activity stream with the name "Wanted", resulting in hiding what's actually important... For the matter, you don't need to post every song you listen to..

Edited by slacky

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Slacky who I taught so many things

Ben... I carried SRL on my back and dedicated 7 years to...

Freddy who I created OSI for


Stop throwing your greatest Allie under the bus for your own stupidities


Leave me alone now... Please.


I'm going to bed

Edited by Wanted

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Time to step in... I will no longer have this petty bickering surrounding SRL on my forums. Anyone who wishes to resume it on here will be banned. In this I make no exceptions for anyone. This thread is now closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.