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Been there, done that, even over Skype. Not fun. GL finding "glitters" little dots in the sea that change colors constantly like a r-a-i-n-b-o-w lol, and you have to click on them.


Game's pointless, but a bunch of people want to bot it for some reason. I think you can win tournaments and make REAL MONEY, and that may be why. Really hard to bot though, imho.


And all the people that talk about it, even over skype, its hard to understand them at times. :rolleyes:




My avatar > wanted's :P, zoro needs to show some new moves in the new world, like luffy did in the tournament. Sanji's action has been really awesome lately too lol. Zoro's new moves so far, have been, kind of lame IMHO. Like Sanji can fly and luffy can use explosive haki, and now Zoro just gets more of what he already had really, like with the super fast sword moves, and the sword moves with the blue streaks everywhere, they need to show him do like a haki move or something with his sword. Like make them blue or somethin crazy.

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Luffy trained Gol D. Roger's Zoro = Rayleigh


One more point to make is that luffy always takes on the "boss" on the enemy arcs, never zoro, so yeah. However the boss sometimes is stronger then zoro's opponent, sometimes they might be really similar or the same. Like Kaku and Lucci, but lucci was a fukload stronger w/ a fkload more attacks then kaku. Luffy can absorb more damage and still fight, and not bleed, unlike zoro (kuma thing).


Like IMO, its like Zoro = hands, Sanji = feet, luffy = mixed, with whole body.


Still an awesome avatar, even if its not luffy, looks so similar, its a joke lol.


Your right with the devil fruit part, but now luffy has haki so, where da fk is zoro's haki at, i wanna see it already. Sanji better have some too.


Anyway, this was pointless, now if your avatar had been sanji, would be more convincing.


I've read all 725 manga + pilot(if there was one, i think it was really similar to first one anyway), then all 616 anime episodes! Lots of time put into those. I dropped naruto, and bleach anime, because 1. bleach anime got cut for a while, 2. naruto's anime kept doing filler episodes. I still read both manga's though.


New One Piece Episodes come out at 10 EST on Saturday at onepieceofficial.com (No ads, official website (before anyone else))

New Manga comes out on mangapanda.com (usually first) or mangahere, or mangastream in the past too.

Usually on Tuesday/Wednesday


AND NO I would never watch the English version lol.


i uploaded this:

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