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scar divi can work on client game?

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Hello i have the follow problem:

If i have any sript for a client game(even if it just click at one spot x,y) it not work in the game

I try on games like atlanticaa/lol and no repont

Is any function that can make scar to work there?

thank you very much

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ok im sorry

We are having a client game (which we download it and play it) not like others whch we simple enter from mozzila with justa usename and pass

At these games i notice that every sript that thdont work ..I mean that when i start a sript it willl work at my deskop(if we are speaking for mouse kliks) but once i open the game will no respond... any solotion to make it work there?

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Seriously have you tried this game? I got bored in under 2 minutes. But then I have never been much of a PVP fan, so PVP in pirate ships causes me to yawn.

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