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[07] Anti-Randoms. Whats needed for progress?

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I would like to see anti randoms added and worked on, but it seems the 07 botters have no intention of working towards it, nor sharing what they already have. I would like to get a general starting point and slowly add to it, even if its the simple ones for now. Any suggestions, or anyone have a starting point?(or what's needed for a starting point.) (Currently have access to 5 members accounts for testing)

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Ello oss!


Yeah, there's really not much (at all?) development going on right now towards any games, sadly. :(


Anyways, you might want to check out this couple months old topic: http://forums.scar-divi.com/gmrl/2315-rs07-random-devolment.html

So, as it seems, there actually was already some planning/development going on a while ago.. :3 No idea if those guys ever got things actually running, though.

Contacting shadowrecon could be a good idea?


I never got around these antirandom things, I just didn't have nearly enough interest or motivation.. :\

It's actually pretty surprising how far I got with RS07 things in the first place (with MSSL \ SGI), because I never played that version of RuneScape (or will), only RuneScape Classic. :P


BUT! I can guarantee that there will be a little more (general) development/concepts/ideas/tidbits around this community soon, some of em will be useful for RS scripting aswell, just give me couple weeks, because I really need to finish this plugin project first (that means version 1.0 of it): https://github.com/Janilabo/pumbaa

After that I can finally start working for Massive SCAR Scripting Library v2.0, with which I will be able to provide you guys some nice commands to play around with.

Some stuff will be built inside plugin(s), but all things will stay open-source just like they always been - I always release source codes in the same package, so people can learn of the things/take the code for their own personal use, if they need/want.


Of course, I am really hoping there will be other guys around this community contributing aswell..


Also, I am pretty damn happy to see, that Freddy is going to be working more for SCAR v3 and v4 series soon - looking forward to that. SCAR Divi is still great piece of software!


About pointers.. Hmm, I really recommend you learn to use TPointArrays (array of TPoint) and T2DPointArrays (array of TPointArrays) if you want to get far with detection methods and such.

You might have to look for tutorials from SRL Forums (Villavu) though. :\

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I'll be back on the scene in October. There are antirandoms laying around from the older days when 07 was present and OSI 2's '07 section has a lot of really high quality libraries and antirandom skeleton that I didn't have time to continue developing for the minute.

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Hmm... Well an accurate MMToMS is a key feature in random detection, color-searching+TPAClustering (read SplitTPA)+sizecheck, UpText, and OptionText, also their talking can be used in some cases.

^ That should be enough to find ANY random.


The actual solving is what is complicated, it takes time and testing, and the fact is that you don't get much testing with randoms as they don't pup up all the time. So it will take some weeks to get it going.

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