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Finding Methods for Runescape and Abroad (Examples)

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Also note that BEFORE you use these methods, you can change the Color Accuracy by changing the Color Tolerance Speed. Default is RGB w/ 3D space, but you can change this to HSL, or XYZ...this explains this here and here's the CTS function here. Note the higher the CTS the slower finding will be, but more accurate.


Note: CTS2 is preferred if you want to change it from the default (CTS1) just remember if you want it back to default you have to set it to 1.


FindColor(s)(Tol)Ex functions + Split TPA, + Filtering TPA's out by Length:




DTM Finding, or using DDTM's:




Find MMDots:




Find MMDots -> MMsToMS:




GetUpText Method/ Text Methods in general:




FindObj(Spiral)(Size) Methods, these use some of the Same TPA Splitting and Sorting found in the first screenie:






PixelShift detection function (we need these, can't find working ones at the moment) I think MSSL's don't work? Well they won't work on these Bankers.

CountColor is another notable function.


Some of these functions are more meant for Finding then others. Others are just meant to tell you general information rather than find a specific object in 3D space. Like CountColor can't be used to Find a Banker. But could be used to tell if we were at the bank, or to make sure the banker IS a banker, etc, But NEVER where the banker is (usually).


These methods use Color Finding combined with Distance (most of the time), these drive the whole finding process for SCAR Divi, and are used throughout the Runescape related includes, and other game includes.

If anyone has any other methods, please post a reply, and I might add them to the list!




Bitmaps are great too! They have some setbacks. I wouldn't recommend them for Runescape or games in general. Some good Tol, Rotated, finding functions, but I think the GREATEST one, being FindDeformedBitmap is still broke (I could be wrong though). There's a bug for it in the bugs section. Here's some of the bitmap functions that work, but keep in mind that if ONE pixel is off or something, you might never find the bitmap in the game. Works well for Inventory items though...




Note: you can also load a bitmap and grab the colors from it, make a TPA, etc. Or ANY of these IMAGE TYPES: Png, Jpeg, Bmp


2nd Note: Spiraling, points, or using Find(Blank)Spiral functions are good too, you can start your search and go outward from a point.


Last Note: In 3D games, like Runescape 2. Most MMO's or some have a Mini Map or some way so you know where your character is going. Might even show you what Camera rotation you are at. If you set your camera to North, and find what position you are at (using minimap functions or etc.). You can, sometimes use functions like CountColor to find objects on the 3D world because you have a scenario. E.g. Camera's north, I'm at the Bank, camera's height is set high. You'll probably be able to see the Blue color of the bankers in this Box(X1, Y1, X2, Y2). This can go for other games too. So you can "Blindly" do things sometimes too based on that.






DTM's, if they were expanded to an array level they'd be the best! I think doing FindColor(s)(Tol)Ex + SplitTPA + FilterATPAMinSize + Comparing the distance with other objects = The most accurate it can be at the moment.




Need to add ACA/auto coloring on here eventually, and maybe SPS.......SPS uses some crazy functionality with the accuracy var and the T3DIntArray comparisons.

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