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European Union

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What are your opinions on this whole idea of Europe being united under one flag?


My views on this matter are pretty strong I hate the idea of losing our identities and own individuality, just simply becoming people molded to their ideals. They seem intent on making this happen at any price which is just scary as they're changing & creating new laws for something to do so they can justify their bloated wage packets. If you ask me I say we're being mugged on a daily basis, it costs the UK tax payer £50,000,000 a day to be a part of this abomination! Justify even that when I've never even been given a vote on the matter of being a part of this European dream.


Even if you don't live in Europe what are your thoughts on this matter I'd like to hear what other people have made of this unelected gravy train.


They're erasing democracy lets make ourselves heard people... We're human beings we have the right to be who or what we like, we shouldn't have this burden on our minds.


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Nigel Farage is THE MAN. <3


I don't like EU, and I wouldn't be surprised about wars all around the european countries in the near future, just because there is so many kinds of problems (mostly economical troubles) in south-european countries and those problems just keep growing and spreading around, really nasty shit.

Sure hope that things wont get as worse as wars are - better choice would be the breakdown of EU and euro instead.

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