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Large script needed. will pay

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Hopefully this is in the right place and hopefully im allowed to ask this offer.


I have been trying to create a script but the manual for SCAR isnt even complete and the tutorials still arn't that much better so ive given up trying.

I still cant even get a bloody loop working properly, So.


Im wondering if anyone has expertise to a) either help me with every single stupid basic request i have so i can write this code myself or b) just write it for me and ill pay


First off where i was stuck was i had scar open a webpage and find a login button(image) to make sure the page had loaded.

So i got stuck with that because it wouldnt find it after opening the page, i tried activating the window, but nope. It would find it if the page was already up and i gave it a small box to look into.

I eventually made it work by just making the search box ultra huge - 0, 0, 9999, 9999. And that fixed it.


next i need to loop. I need it to wait until the page has loaded and then click a spot on the page. So i tried a loop where it would repeat the 'if findbitmap then else' thingy but i couldnt get it working. Cant even deal with this or im going to smash a computer screen from frustration.


This is where i gave up.


If i can ask a basic question like "how can i wait for a page to load and click here" and get a response where i can copy and paste code and make it work im happy with writing this thing but i highly doubt anyone here is that patient and willing to deal with me so if anybody wants some cash i really need this script done.


Its a complex script and im not even sure SCAR is the right thing to code it in but i had written scripts with SCAR a few years back and i had mastered most of it all within a week and wrote a nice script to automate ad clicking on google adwords which turned out very successfully so thats why ive turned to SCAR again but i just cant pick it up like i did years ago. I need a proper dedicated manual written in plain english which just isnt anywhere.


Basically the script opens a webpage, logs in with details that the user gave the script at the begining and then monitors certain information displayed in there. Once certain information in the webpage changes(just numbers and small images), the script accesses that data and then decides whether to use keyboard and mouse functions to perform a small task or not. and then it continues watching the information in the webpage again and modifies more information.


It sounds simple but i dont think it actually is. There's alot of things that need to happen, alot of information to watch and calculate. It probably isnt hard for SCAR, its just a big script to write.


If anyone is interested to either help me or better yet write the script for some cash please private message me.



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I trade currencies and i use a webtrader which is an openbook so i can see other traders and copy what they do etc,

So if you goto http://www.etoro.com/webtrader sign up for a practice account you can see for yourself how it works. Once a trader opens a buy/sell position i want scar to recognize what currency he bought/sold, what price his stop loss is and what his take profit is set to and also what risk he went into. So all that info comes up inside the webtrader.. I want scar to see all that data, then make a manual trade by click buttons with the same risk, same stop loss and same take profit but open the trade when he is down at either 5% or 10% and open the trade with a certain amount of money. After the trade opens scar still needs to monitor that exact trade for changes,. so if the trade im copying changes its stop loss or take profit in the midst of being opened then my trade that scar made ill also have to reflect that. And when the trade closes scar will also have to close the trade.


Thats one trade. Several will be made each day. It will be run 24 hours, 5 days a week.

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