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'Old School' '07 Runescape Returning

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Congratulations! Old school servers will be back ASAP!

Players smashed through the minimum viable threshold of 50,000 votes in just a matter of hours.

However voting appears to be slowing so it’s very much up to you and your friends to determine the ultimate level of investment for this service as well as any potential membership fee.

Any member can cast their vote to decide the ultimate destiny of Old School RuneScape - an additional service running the August 2007 version of the game.

Remember: anyone who votes will get their first month of old school RuneScape for free, regardless of the poll outcome. So, register your vote and encourage all your friends to do the same!


They are bringing back the old RS. Is Jagex really this desperate?



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Either one not enough people will play because of the stupidity of paying extra or two so many people play that Jagex eventually completely separates development and directions of the two runescapes and returns individual members and f2p. I don't see this one being anything in between.


I don't know what will happen I've been off the scene for too long, but whatever it is it will be interesting and we (and the rest of the scene, javafreaks especially) will play a huge role in this.


Janilibo it looks like you know a lot about this older runescape system (not to say that I don't) but if I remember there's a copy of SRL 4 laying around and, @Freddy, a SCAR with working OCR for this.... 3.15? I think.


If the game engine is the same shitty susceptible engine it was back then than the java freaks will be all over this (or worse, ARGA/Aryan/RSDemon etc.) anyone here with Java experience that thinks that can shed some light or monitor the situation in the next 48 hours?


I think this one depends on the will of runescape's former players and cheaters how far this oldschool runescape will go.


If it doesn't go far enough than it will simply be another fail decision by Jagex, however in the event that it isn't we are talking massive history making in the works, and lots of money and power shifts involved.


We will potentially see a new spike in unique cheating curiosity just like the times Kaitnieks was founded.


All the major players will pan out in the next couple of days and weeks. I can tell you a couple of them are active in SRL, or currently inactive. The same applies for here... and I've been grinding at the bit to draw some much needed attention to this community. I'm sure the javafreaks want to wave their weight around.


Oh an no GE. Merchanting $) B|


Lets hope they hit 500k votes, but they probably won't. That was probably by design though. Jagex wants their cut and have probably been planing this since the obvious decline of runescape. Their longterm strategies to keep the game alive are starting to come to light and I think now it's possible that everyone has massively underestimated them.


Take a look a minecraft. It's not the best quality game ever but it allows the user to expend those resources in other ways creating for a more expansive game. I see Jagex, if they play their cards right, eventually footing its holds on MMORPGs forever in the near future if they can rediscover what made their game truly successful in the first place and capitalize as much as possible on it.


Tomorrow may very well be the start of a new era in runescape and runescape cheating, and a chance for everyone to try to redeem themselves in the 10 year old cat and mouse hunt, including Jagex...


And this time, I'm getting my cut 5719.gif

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damn I'm rusty
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I believe Jagex decided to bring back the old school server of 2007 Runescape because of the fact how many people LOVE the old days when Runescape was not gay.... Many RSPS (Runescape private servers) tried to actually recreate the old days in Runescape which actually became EXTREMELY popular. And of course RSPS being illegal because of copyright infringements, Jagex banned this RSPS quickly because it was such a threat to Jagex because of the rapid and quick players it achieved. Jagex's eyes probably opened this idea probably for a money maker for them.

This is why I think Jagex did their actions..

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