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[Project RS06] Draynor NetPowerFisher

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PRS06 Draynor NetPowerFisher v1.02


Current Status: Works! [Feb. 12th, 2013]



-Target the ONLY the Project RS06 APPLET area with SCAR Divi's crosshair.

So, make sure it doesn't capture the whole window (if you are using Project RS06 Launcher)

-Latest version of MSSL can be downloaded from SCAR Divi's Includes Manager.



-SCAR Divi version 3.38(+) - Click HERE to download SCAR Divi 3.38

-MSSL version 0.99-86b

(NOTE: Update to LATEST with SCAR Divi's Includes Manager!)

-Start near the fishing spots


Build Information

-Version 1.02

-Released February 12th, 2013.




-Runs away and logs out for 60 seconds, when you get aggressive Random Event (River Troll). Walks back to spot and continues fishing after that minute!

-Moderator detection (when Staff Member is writing to chatbox script will logout and take a short break)

-Drops shrimps and anchovies with full inventory for fast exps, contains 24 different inventory patterns for dropping

-Automatically sets the options


To be added/improved/fixed in next versions...

-Small tweaks here and there!


Have fun!


[PRS06] Draynor NetPowerFisher v1.00.scar

[PRS06] Draynor NetPowerFisher v1.01.scar

[PRS06] Draynor NetPowerFisher v1.02.scar

Edited by Janilabo
Fixed staff member detection

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