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[Project RSC] Tin PowerMiner

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PRSC Tin PowerMiner v1.03


Current Status: Works! [Mar. 9, 2013]



-Target the Project RSC APPLET area with SCAR Divi's crosshair.

-Latest version of MSSL can be downloaded from SCAR Divi's Includes Manager.



-SCAR Divi version 3.38(+) - Click HERE to download SCAR Divi 3.38

-MSSL version 1.00-8

(NOTE: Update to LATEST with SCAR Divi's Includes Manager!)


Build Information

-Version 1.03

-Released December 26th, 2012.



-Powermines tin ores

-Relogging (optional, will warn if you keep the USERNAME & PASSWORD fields empty ['']).

-Idle warning!

-Staff member detection (when Staff Member is writing to chatbox)


To be added/improved/fixed in next versions...

-Logical stuff.

-Could be improved a lot...


Happy macroing,


[PRSC] Tin PowerMiner v1.00.scar

[PRSC] Tin PowerMiner v1.01.scar

[PRSC] Tin PowerMiner v1.02.scar

[PRSC] Tin PowerMiner v1.03.scar

Edited by Janilabo
Added v1.03, updated to latest MSSL.

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there is any ocr? @janilabo
Nope, sorry man. :(

If you know about any working OCRs, that we could use.. Let me know, I could add support in. But, I don't think anyone has made working OCR yet. :\



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where i can download it

Project RSC private server has been down for nearly couple years already, so this script is pretty much useless now.

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