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Everyone PLEASE update to MSSL v0.99-19b [newest version], because I have added a temporary workaround in it to deal with a big problem.


In v0.99-18b PRSC_InFight sometimes (randomly) returns true, when it is NOT at all in combat. This happens because Equals() functions contain a small bug (reported already to MantisBT).


This is the temporary fix I am using for now:


function MSSL_TPAEquals(TPA1, TPA2: TPointArray): Boolean;
 if (Length(TPA1) = Length(TPA2)) then
   Result := (TPAToStr(TPA1) = TPAToStr(TPA2));





Update: Freddy fixed this bug in 3.37.02 version. :)

Edited by Janilabo
Added a note that bug was fixed in 3.37.02

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