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LordJashin's FindColor Tutorial

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I was kind of zoned out, but maybe you guys can get something from this. I had just watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. lols.


Do note that while we use the color picker the coordinates are relative to the client chosen as well. Also top left point is (x1, y1), bottom right point is (x2, y2) :P


First tut in a while...




Enjoy :P 18mins....

Edited by LordJashin

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Looking nice mate!

Hopefully Freddy adds this (and any upcoming video tutorials from you? ;)) to SCARDiviCom YouTube channel.


Nice work, LJ!!


I am sure this will be much appreciated by newcomers. :)



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*spoiler* The first 10 seconds is LJ tossing his microphone across the room


Pretty good for 1'oclock am. I want to see one of your videos that is at 1am freddy xD:P. I think one of yours was at 12 O_O.


Going to release a 2nd tut tonight. Once its uploaded. It'll be my woodcutting tutorial. Its still very basic, but should help the nubs out more. Woodcutting on the Inception Runescape pserver


Been focusing mainly on botting. And script creation for that since that is what people are going for mainly. Actually teaching the language SCAR uses, and how to use includes. etc. Isn't really fun to explain since it is all keyword usage. Like {$I the compiler directives, and etc. etc.


Maybe I can use OSI, or MSSL, and make a tutorial. And show these things people want, and while doing what I want which is just to show bot creation..

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