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[PRSC] ChickenFighter

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PRSC ChickenFighter v1.00


Current Status: Works! [Nov. 13, 2012]


Script works with WEBCLIENT - the standalone client is a little problematic.



-Target the ONLY the Project RSC APPLET area with SCAR Divi's crosshair.

So, make sure it doesn't capture the whole window (if you are using Project RSC Launcher)

-Latest version of MSSL can be downloaded from SCAR Divi's Includes Manager.



-SCAR Divi version 3.37(+) (Click HERE for SCAR Divi 3.37 RC - you can also find instructions for setting up the prerelease there)

-MSSL version 0.99-7b (NOTE: Update to LATEST with SCAR Divi's Includes Manager!)


Build Information

-Version 1.00

-November 13th, 2012.



-Kills chickens


-Eats & runs out of combat with low HP (Meat and ALL fishes are supported)

-Idle warning (when script hasn't attacked anything for certain amount of time in milliseconds [iDLE_WARN])

-Camera rotation for looking chickens from screen

-Alarms with 100% fatigue!

-Staff member detection (when messages are sent to you through PM)


To be added in next version...

-Improvement for NPC detection.


Have fun!


[PRSC] ChickenFighter v1.0.scar

Edited by Janilabo

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