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Cool :)

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Good to see this forum is still around and active.


I remember playing around with Scar a few years ago to bot Dofus, and reading the forum at the time was very helpful.


I'm back to botting again, mwhahaha. So I'm back here to join in on the community.


Just thought I'd post a "Hi" and a "Thanks" to all who contribute here.

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Ello, JoS!


Glad to see you are returning here!

Hope to see you active around this community in future. :)


..and yeah, forum is still going strong + SCAR Divi going even stronger than that!

There is plenty of good things happening around this community these days, that includes fairly active SCAR Divi development, but also include development (OSI, MSSL, GMRL).


Only thing that is missing right now, would be the scripts itself, but that "problem" will be solved soon. :)


Enjoy your stay,


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Hi, and


Thanks for being so cool on your first post :P


MSSL might get some scripts made, but idk about OSI...

I'm just to lazy to make scripts for it atm lols...


And a little scared to be honest, with all the new botting crap they've implemented.

OSI in my eyes still needs more to be able to combat that...

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Thanks for the welcomes!


Nice to know that Scar is still improving and receiving a lot of support from developers. I thought I noticed a few new terms being thrown around that I hadn't recognized. :P


I will definitely have to look into the includes as well, lots of useful stuff to overload my brain with. :)

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