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The Open Toolkit library

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Found their example application, with examples of OpenGL very awesome!


Take a look for yourself, but you have to right click to load the example. Not all work. This is licensed under LGPL I think. Atleast a lot of the code is for OpenGL, and OpenAL...


The examples application is in OpenTK\1.0\Binaries\OpenTK\Release\Examples.exe




Also want to hear from you guys, what libraries do you think are the best? For whatever...audio, graphics, anything...

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It was hard to find something for SCAR. But Irrlicht fit the bill, got the example working in SCAR.





Going to try to interact with the Video driver class, 2morow. And find out exactly how that works. I'm guessing if it holds everything the video driver does. That would be a lot of things. I bet you can find which is using OpenGL, or DirectX though.

Irrlicht has DirectX mode too. http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/

Its LGPL, so free for commercial. Looks awesome!

I've already seen some GetPixel functions in the docs too. Maybe I can get that working for DirectX or OpenGL then we can use that in SCAR for RS2 or w/e game that uses it...


Also have made a library for the BASS audio system. Just need some help from Freddy on that, and I'll include it in OSI along with the keyboard functions library.


If someone can, please explain, could you get anything from the screen besides getpixel using OpenGL/DirectX? I mean, like rendering of shapes, but I think that is only if you do "interception" and actually hack the source or something...I guess the video driver would have all that info too?

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