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Started OSI Bone Burier...

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So I wanted to make some sort of script already for RS2, since we have like none. But it would still need tons of things for Anti ban.


So through this I'm going to learn more about what to do about anti ban, and how mouse movements are now, by testing it with this bot I'm making.


Features planned:

- Anti ban (also will look for ban hand)

- Bone burying

- Multiple types of bones

- vary the amount of each type of bone (if multiple)

- Multiple bank support

- etc. for now


- No support for SPS, or walking anywhere. Has to start near bank.


DFM parser :D



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i am very experienced in how runescape looks into its "anti-bot" detection, so i am really good at making anti ban things into scripts. Make the scipt and i could add good anti bans in there for ya too if u want.

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