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Since this has nothing to do with SCAR or Pascal whatsoever, I guess this is the place to post it.


I've been busy trying to build something which encrypts en decrypts text files. It works, but it could be way better.

So, I've decided to release my current version to the public and dumped the entire thing on a forgotten svn repo.


It should be better then it is now, but to keep things tidy I'll need something like a command based interface. Since I haven't build those before, it takes some time.

For now, just enjoy the program and I'd like you guys to report as many bugs as you can find :)


SVN didn't work as intended so it's all on a fileserver now.



The most important files are:





ed_main.exe (for those who don't feel like compiling it themselves)


The ed_main.ini can't be direct linked (server probably thinks of it as a system file) so all files are in a RAR as well.


The program is pretty much self explanatory, the paths of the files which will be used are in the INI file. Standard is all on C:\

Edited by MarkD

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Don't throw it in your browser, just Checkout everything to your computer.

Unfortunately I forgot how to exclude the logs from uploading so those are included as well. It's about 83 Megs for the whole package.

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Allright, let's forget about SVN...


New links are in the OP.


You just need an SVN server that has anonymous read access.

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