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Installing SCAR Divi!

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1. Go to www.scar-divi.com




You should get a page that looks like this.


2. SCAR Divi only supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and above. Next hit the big DOWNLOAD button:




You should be at a page like this.


3. Next hit the Download SCAR Divi button:




You should now get a file download or run popup unless you have it turned off, maybe like this:




4. Download/save or run the file, and open it up, hit run if it asks you to. You should be at this screen.




5. Hit next, and finish installing it, you should get the following screens. Install it in whatever folder you want to.


Accept terms screen

Select Destination folder screen

Select Start Menu folder screen

Select Shortcuts

Install SCAR Divi


Finish wizard!


6. Now go to your start menu and search for SCAR Divi, or go to where ever you installed it. There should be a bin or some folder that has the SCAR Divi program in it in the form of an exe file. Open it.


Folder my SCAR Divi was at



7. Finally! You now have SCAR Divi open! You should be done, and you should be now seeing this or SCAR Divi.




If you see this just set the directory you want SCAR Divi to put its files at ("working directory") then click "Ok". Congrats your done!




Problems/Other Info:


SCAR Divi does not have any viruses or anything bad. So any reports from Software like Anti-virus software IS a false report. SCAR Divi is even hosted on Softpedia!

If you have any problems with installing SCAR Divi, or with SCAR Divi itself in any way. You can make a thread about it, post something on the SCAR Divi forums, there is tons of helpful people, and even Freddy the creator of SCAR Divi himself! That will reply to you and try to help you.

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Perhaps a stupid question, but would it be very difficult to make something like this for updating SCAR?

Still haven't found out what to do after the download of the update is complete, it definitely doesn't do anything at SCAR reboot.

Haven't found out where it downloads it to anyway.


So, my way of updating is pretty much equal to throwing the old version away and install the new one (which actually works pretty good).

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So, my way of updating is pretty much equal to throwing the old version away and install the new one (which actually works pretty good).


Yeah I could make some other tutorials on things...I can think of some...


Indeed, yes this is what I recommend doing^ what you just said.


The updater for SCAR, it works, sometimes. But I had issues with it sometimes in older SCAR versions I think. Also changing the default SCAR that scar files open with. Really was annoying. Solution is just to uninstall and reinstall. You can always choose to get the portable version of it. I recommend just doing SCAR Divi pre~Lastest versions, you should have them installed as Portable, if you want them installed at all. Like SCAR 3.34....


Or you can just use SVN. Subversion. SCAR Divi has a repository, where Freddy pushs the latest alpha/beta/rc versions too. I think there may be another repo that has just RC (release candidates) or w/e. You can right click a folder and download from the SVN then just every now and then right click and Update.


Checkout, is the thing you use to download it from the SVN URL.


This is all achieved if you have Tortoise SVN Installed.


SCAR Repository - http://svn.scar-divi.com/scar/

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