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I know this is new but I couldn't resist, MSSL is 1.0!? :o

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Had to try my hand with a screenshotter, and auto uploader xD


And to show off the windows 8 theme that i <3


Good job though, I'm going to go try it out right now!

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Man that's 1 freaking awesome theme you have there!


I guess you are challenging us for a theme war here, aren't you?! So, you'll GET IT.


..OH WAIT, this topic was about MSSL's first public version (in Include's Manager)? ;D



It's actually still at 0.69 Beta, I changed the version with rev5.. It just hasn't been updated yet to the Manager.



Thanks mate,


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That's what I thought lols. It was at like .70 or so. THEME WAR IS ON :P

I've played around with windows so much over the years. I'd win every time. You can change the boot logo, and login screen too. But that would be over kill for me, and its not as good as this theme is just by itself.

If you want to know how I got the theme - here. They have the theme built into their little manager. No its not free D:

Shotty is a nice screenshot utility xD.


That's not all though take a look at this...giENW.png



Thought I'd take a look at the future word...xD


When I get Crysis 2 on full graphics I'll upload another pic

Edited by LordJashin

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