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You killed me adding that many files Freddy, 23.22mb, and 3 minute transfer lols.


Sounds pretty cool though. Are you using google chrome or what? I see chrome.pak?



333 post ftw.


EDIT: Try this in 3.36



program New;


A: TSCARWebClient;



A := TSCARWebClient.Create(500, 500);





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Right now all input is available, do note that the keystate functions may not behave properly as it's somewhat difficult to determine. Keyboard input might require some tweaking, but works overall. Let me know if there are any issues. Only TypeTextEx can input characters as CEF can't type characters with only KeyDown/KeyUp events, it does send those for regular characters though, if this ends up being an issue, let me know.

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I'd also like to point out that if you have a site crashing SCAR with the TSCARWebClient,this is probably because currently the chromium embedded framework for Delphi doesn't support CEF3, which is required to render WebGL content. Once the framework is updated in the near future, there shouldn't be a problem with that anymore.

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