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Installing UBeX - How To fix install error

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As most of you have experienced when trying to install UBeX you get an error stating "The UBeX include has an identical target path..". This is because the UBeX include was removed from the system and the id changed when it was re-added.


How to fix:


Goto the AppData file then open Local then SCAR Divi and open includes.xsf with notepad. Then remove the entry for UBeX in-between <include>...</include>, Or you can just delete the file. Deleting the file will will cause you to re-download and install ALL of your includes again.


Quote from Freddy ->

... the problem is that I removed UBeX from the system when it was outdated, but upon readding it, it got a new ID. You should go into AppData\Local\SCAR Divi\includes.xsf and remove the <include>...</include> entry for UBeX. After that it should work.

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