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GMRL - Scar Script Client

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I have finally worked out majority of the kinks in my scar script client. This is very easy to use and requires no knowledge of scar except installing the includes. This keeps your scripts somewhat hidden and out of plain sight.


You can find the application in the Tools folder of the GMRL include.


What does it do?

Well it utilizes Scar command line controls. Scar has to be installed and so do includes. This by no means eliminates scar. So it opens Scar through the command line commands, Then opens the script in scar, and turns off news updates, along with program updates reminders, then sends Scar directly to the tray. So the person never sees the scar but for a flash of a second then for instance SMART will open and start running. This all happens in only a few seconds.





Previous Issues:

Could not find Scar, instead it opened the folder for scar but never opened the application.


Future Updates:

Online Script database that the user can select a script, then press play and the script will be downloaded, played then when scar is terminated the script will be deleted for privacy. I have a working version of this already but my PHP skills are pretty wack and my upload and manager system is kind of wack but the system does work ;)


Heres some pictures of use

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