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The Movement !

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Hello Community.

I am writing this to start something which I feel is in need. Many of us are advanced scripters, It took us alot of moving around websites, going through old documentation, and much trial and error.


I think we need to take this community to a new level.


First off. Freddy as we do have a Runescape community forum I would ask that we have a Tutorial and " Knowledge base" section added specifically for the advance users to Post items which will help new people learn to script. This can include Photos from the Bank slot spaces ( colored numbers ) Inventory slot images, Map images, A-Lists for our databases where we can collaberate and share INFORMATION.



I know that scar is not just a runescape community, I get that. But lets face the facts we want a community to learn and grow not only more in one area than another. But this way we as in Myself,Bib,Shadow,Wanted and others can collaberate our information and get this going to a whole new level.


I ask that we form this Sub-Catagory called "Knowledge Base" Basically as a Ever-Long active directory for those who have knowledge to share and those who wish to have it. Not only for our Past and present to give but that of our future and those will will come after us to look back and say "They were here"


If we could get this it would be tramendius. I am not asking to be a moderator of this section but do have someone who is active and can Merge information when it is given correctly. Such as Monster control lists, inventory lists and such.

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I agree we need more involvement but it takes time and having good scripts released will greatly increase the traffic!


As far as the specific noob tutorial part, there is already a tutorial section that you can post guides and bank images etc. ;) Having some good current guides would be a good idea to help the new comers. Some of the guides there are out dated etc. Plus since you have an include in the system you could have a tutorial section on your sub forum to explain how to use certain functions ex. bank slot indexes.


Glad to see your back running! Looking forward to some discussions on here! lol

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"The rules are more like guide lines if you know what i mean" - Captain Barbossa



Edited by LordJashin

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