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What is OSI? - OSI Mission Statement - The Official SCAR Include

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OSI (O.S.I. Official SCAR Include) is the next generation of library resource for SCAR. This project is primarily a response to the executive SRL decision to discontinue support in SRL after SRL 4 (SRL 5 and onwards) for SCAR. OSI is for SCAR 3.26 and onwards.


Our goal is to create a flexible include or library of automation relevant macroing that SCAR users will find helpful in order to create scripts for a multitude of games and other automated tasks. The include is divided into categories and subcategories in order to provide the end user with the ability to use what resources he/she needs while not wasting compilation on irrelevant resources. For now, our primary focus is providing such resources for RuneScape v2 by Jagex L.T.D. as well as the "Old School 2007 replica". Global standardization, neatness, organization, flexibility, and automative-human-like-simulation are of our highest priorities.


We are currently using private SVN space maintained by Freddy1990, the currently developer of SCAR after its original creator Kaitnieks passed it down to him, with restricted access to those who will be developing the include hands on and a selected few who will contribute in other ways such as feedback and testing.


At full public release, OSI will be publicly announced and available on http://www.github.com where it will be maintained and developed after the current private developmental phases.





More about my origins and OSI can be found here OSI - The Official SCAR Include






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Both osi and mssl correct. It just hangs without graphics, you can still hear the music and everything but the screen stays white.


Wrong thread, but anyways someone said there's an issue related to SMART or something probably just needs user input adjustment. Have you tried to use it with out SMART?

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