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Any good tuto on How to setup SCAR for seafight ?

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Hi guys !

I'm new on this forum and searching for a good tuto about "How to setup SCAR for seafight bot".

Because all i found was some script which works for some people and dosn't work for other.

That's why i'm asking you if there is any good tuto on that with photos step by step ?


Thanks Deluxe.

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well its not easy to ansew in your question but i will try

firtly you need to check out if your pc is fast enought to run scar and seafight at the same time (if your pc/laptop is very old) .the problem here is that the pc stuck and hardly run the sripts

sedondly you need to deactivate clear tupe effect and also if you use vista/7 turn to basic degidh

3) set the seacart rirght remeber that logout,chat,the key for repair and fire and also the group meny or othet maybe must BE OT COVVERED

4) set keys right

5) read the green letters in the sripts they will help you 100%

6)read a litle bit the sript to fix some bugs for example "unknow intetifier" that mean you need to add that word to the "vars"

7) try to make your own sripts ;) that i do and it is very hopefull ;)

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