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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, this is my first script ever made, never had any experience scripting or programming at all, I followed an example my buddy made and this script is supposed to just spam click master farmers in draynor village in rs07 and i want that to work before i start learning how to add banking, eating when low, and stuff like that so if anyone could help me with thanks very much appreciated! im noob Program autoThiever; //Version 1.0 var x,y:integer; Const masterFarmer = 3757402; //Color of Master Farmer masterFarmer2 = 2706778; //Color of Master Farmer Procedure clickThieve; //This is a function for clicking on the farmer begin if (FindColor(x, y, masterFarmer, 1, 1, 900, 900)) and (FindColor(x ,y, masterFarmer2, 1, 1,900, 900) = true) then //If find farmer, click on him movemouse(x, y); clickmouse(x, y, mbleft); end; Procedure Main; begin clickThieve; wait(3000); end; begin Repeat // Repeats for ever.. or until program is stopped. Main; Until False; //end of the repeat (must have false statement) end. all its doing is moving the mouse to the top left corner of the target selection (rs07 screen) and i paused it to check where in my script this keeps happening and its at the wait(3000); so if anyone could figure out why it just stays in the corner instead of trying to click the master farmer please post thank you !
  2. Over the last few weeks ive been developing a server / client script management system. This system allows a user to post a script to a webpage and then access that same script from a client with a simple authcode. Each script gets a set of variables like name, author, date modified and description. Some of these variables are filled in automatically like author is the user name that the script was posted with and date modified is the date the script was posted / edited. Advantages -> The users of the scripts need to know nothing about scar except installing includes. The user is always guaranteed to have the most recent version of the script. The user can see the last time the script was changed. Only the original author can edit scripts posted under a authcode Each authcode is checked against the authcodes in the database to make sure it is unique The client stores all the users authcodes so the users dont have to keep looking for a authcode or remember it. Sign up and give it a try! http://www.RS2Bots.tk ~ ShadowRecon
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