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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Im a little bit wondering if there is a way to Find a White BitMap (or colorless) in any color? For Example : BitMap : (its hard to see I know here in Negativ : g1.bmp ) What Im looking for : Is there a way, to use for the Image Im looking for, the white BitMap?
  2. Hello all, I am new to Scar and these forums. I am trying to automate something using the findbitmap feature and I have no problems getting it to work for the most part. My problem comes in when the window size is changed and everything in that window is scaled up or down or if being run on a different system with a different resolution setup. I have heard of posts mentioning a way around this and would like to investigate it further before trying to go a colors route instead of the bitmap route. For my test, I captured a bitmap from the active client abd created the img as bmp1. Ran the program and it finds it without issue. I them changed the size of the window (which scales contents) and am no longet able to find the bitmap. My next thought was basing all of my images from a set client width and scaling from there. so I tried using the bitmap resize feature with no results on that either... Here was my testing script. The idea was scaling the images but it could not be precise as the resize function doesn't take a double. I'm sure there is a better way... Need to adjust basewith to the width of the client when image was taken. I guess the same test could be accomplished using a picture viewer and zooming the pic in and out... program new; //{.include OpenClose.scar} var BMP : TSCARBitmap; var x, y, w, h, a, b : integer; var basewidth, currentwidth : integer; Var ratio : double; begin GetClient.Activate; //image taken from client at this width basewidth := 900; //Current width of client GetBoxSize(GetClient.ImageArea, w, h); currentwidth := w; ratio := currentwidth/basewidth; writeln(ratio); // insert image string here.... BMP := TSCARBitmap.Create('something'); a := BMP.Width; b := BMP.Height; a := Trunc(a*ratio); b := Trunc(b*ratio); BMP.Resize(a,b); if(FindBitmapTol(x, y, BMP, 0, 0, w - 1, h - 1,100))then begin writeLn('found bitmap at ' + intToStr(x) + ',' + intToStr(y)); end else writeLn('missing bitmap'); end.
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