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Found 4 results

  1. I have a little problem with loadign chars from Font, Im allways getting this error : [Runtime Error] : Exception: Access violation at address 007877A7 in module 'scar.exe'. Read of address 00000000 in line 285 in script Line 285 : TextType := LoadCharsFromFont2('Palatino Linotype',12,false,false,false,false);
  2. Hey guys! So I'm currently writing a script, I've hit a problem and Google doesn't seem to be helping. program New; var eTimeRemainingMinutes: integer; var eTimeRemainingSeconds: integer; var aTimeRemainingMinutes: integer; var aTimeRemainingSeconds: integer; var capTimeRemaining: integer; var eTimeRemaining: integer; var aTimeRemaining: integer; var capTimeUsed: integer; var eCompleted: integer; var aTimeWaited: integer; begin eTimeRemainingMinutes := 1; //CUSTOM eTimeRemainingSeconds := 2; //CUSTOM aTimeRemainingMinutes := 3; //CUSTOM aTimeRemainingSeconds := 4; //CUSTOM capTimeRemaining := 45; //CUSTOM eTimeRemaining := (eTimeRemainingMinutes*60 + eTimeRemainingSeconds) * 1000; aTimeRemaining := (aTimeRemainingMinutes*60 + aTimeRemainingSeconds) * 1000; capTimeRemaining := (capTimeRemaining*60) * 1000; capTimeUsed := 0; //INSERT command to open application //INSERT clickmouse(-88,140) // Goto main area while (capTimeRemaining <= capTimeUsed) do [b]//HERE IS THE ERROR LINE[/b] begin wait(eTimeRemaining+random(3000)); capTimeUsed := capTimeUsed + eTimeRemaining; earnsCompleted := 0; aTimeWaited := eTimeRemaining; while not aTimeRemaining <= aTimeWaited do begin //INSERT clickmouse(-887,278); //Shortcut to e wait(random(3000)); //INSERT clickmouse(-887,278); //Commence e earnsCompleted := earnsCompleted + 1; wait(2*60*1000); capTimeUsed := capTimeUsed + 120; aTimeWaited := eCompleted*180 + eTimeRemaining - 60; wait(60*1000+random(3000)); capTimeUsed := capTimeUsed + 63; aTimeWaited := eCompleted*180 + eTimeRemaining; end; //INSERT mouseclick(-364, 345); //Choose a //INSERT mouseclick(-272, 378); //Commence a aTimeRemaining := 20*60; eTimeRemaining := 60; end; //FUNCTION Play a sound to notify the user that the cap time is complete end. Whenever I try run it, it comes up with "Compiler Error" & "Invalid number of parameters" on the line with the first while loop and I can't figure out why. This is my first time writing a SCAR script from scratch and I've following the tutorial guidelines as best as I can. Please ignore the "//INSERT mouseclick" selfnote etc, I am intending to change that to proper code which instructs mouseclicking later. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I have been using scar for a bit and have made a few scripts of my own, but i am no way familer with OSI or SMART. Currently when i try to run any script here that involves SMART, I get this, Start>Wait>"Initating SMART Runescape Server 11 with safe mode enabled..."> Window-"Error starting SMART, Ensure the target page has an applet declaration". I have made sure that the OSI was updated and that i am running Scar 3.30. I'd like to tool around with the scripts on the forums here, and try to see how i can get acquainted with SMART and OSI. I can't find any other results to try and figure it out either. If anyone can be of assistance i'd appreciate it.
  4. When trying to compile the latest OSI with Scar DIVI 3.27, I get errors in the array.scar file. An example would be, "Unknown identifier 'TPAInTPARelEx'" Is there some way to correct my error?
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