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  1. Hello Can someone tell me where do i put the repeat loop on this script ? program New; begin vkeydown(VK_CONTROL); wait(5000); vkeyup(VK_CONTROL); vkeydown(102); wait(500); vkeyup(102); wait(500); vkeydown(100); wait(500); vkeyup(100); wait(500) vkeydown(102); wait(100); vkeyup(102); end.
  2. Ok , ill send you dm with more info
  3. Im looking for a script that just relog my character in a 20 min time interval
  4. Or just a new script with only relog function
  5. I need help to add a relog function to this script Program Ctrl;{By Sorokya}begincleardebug;writeln('Ctrl by Sorokya Press F8');writeln('to Start and F9 to Stop');repeatbeginif(findwindowtitlepart('Endless Online',False))thenbeginactivateclient;endif(isfkeydown(8))thenbeginkeydown(17);endif(isfkeydown(9))thenbeginkeyup(17);endenduntil(false);end.
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