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  1. I'm writing a simple script to search for a color, click it, and wait a fixed amount of time. This seemed very simple, but it has proven the exact opposite! Occasionally my target is quite small, and ClickMouse seems to occasionally click up to 20 pixels away from my target colored pixel. What can I do to fix this and make the click a little more consistent? Code follows: Const Color = 3160642; // color you wish to click Procedure Rotate; Begin; VKeyDown(39); // Holds the "W"-key. Wait(700); // Teh wait... VKeyUp(39); // Releases the "W"-key. end; Procedure FindClick; Var X,Y,W,H: Integer; begin If FindColor(X,Y,Color,0,0,500,340) then Begin MoveMouse(X,Y); ClickMouse(X,Y,False); end else Begin // end; end; begin; Repeat // Repeats for ever.. or until program is stopped. FindClick; Wait(5000); Until False; end. Thanks in advance, I hope people still use this service.
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