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  1. OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

    good, because there is another include *ahem* *ahem* that is buggy as hell. I'd rather use this. cbf to write it myself though...
  2. OSI2 Updated for SCAR 3.40 - 11/9/2013

    so RS07 is scriptable with OSI but rs3 is not? correcT?
  3. OSI2 Repo Transferred 11/10/2013

    so, OSI isn't dead?
  4. Forum database compromised!

    i agree.
  5. Contacting people, IRC?

    I use trillian, but there are a number of irc clients you can use. You cannot simply paste "irc.scar-divi.com" into your browser(this is why you received the "Unable to select database, database (zpanel_core) appears to not exsist!" error. http://webchat.freenode.net/ will work for your needs The link to the IRC in the index is broken for me as well.(results in a blank page when i past the url by hand as well)
  6. Hey all, haven't been active here, :'( this is changing now Just wondering how you guys have setup your include folder, where you put it etc... I've always pushed off using git, but now it's imminent so I'm embracing it. However never used it b4 so if someone nice wants to talk be through it, cheers. Thanks, footballjds(from villavu) EDIT: I just used the include manager but I'm wondering what other ppl do (:
  7. OSI moved to github

    just dropping a note off. Haven't been active on these forums much as of late but i plan to change that. Since everyone will be using color and not reflection scripting has become interesting to me again. Rather then using simba I'll lurk here Looks like things are getting off to a good start. Good work Wanted, among others.