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  1. Hi guys, I´m beginning with scar divi and Im getting some troubles: What a i want my script to do is the following: -Read a text from a game (I know exactly the text position) -Then i have to do some clicks, and write some numbers in a text box (this part seems to be easy) The problems is with the text scanner, Im triying: Font := LoadCharsFromFont2('Arial', 8, False, False, False, False); writeln(GetTextatex(830,300,1000,Font,True,true,0,1,13395456,20,false,10)); Over a WordText, with The selected font and size (the position is correct im checking with clickMouse function) But I cannot read anything (this returns 0) What can i do? How can i scan a text font? I have been loking for something like that on the scar divi old manual but I havent found anything usefull
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