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    This had no effect
  2. Pertinax


    I've add a new bitmap, but it still can't "find" it. Yeah, thats the only thing I can tell, it lookings it cant "find" the bitmap anymore. Is there any code in Chrome or Java that can "interrupt" SCAR from running the script right?
  3. Pertinax


    So I've been using this script for a month now, without any problem. program Au2;const XLeft = 0; YTop = 0; XRight = 500; YBottom = 500;var T: LongInt; bmp: TSCARBitmap; X, Y: Integer;begin repeat ClickMouse(13, 70, mbLeft); Wait(1000); ClickMouse(13, 70, mbLeft); VKeyDown(VK_Down); Wait(1000); ClickMouse(13, 70, mbLeft); VKeyDown(VK_Up); T := (GetSystemTime + (15 * 60 * 1000)); while (T > GetSystemTime) do begin Bmp := TSCARBitmap.Create('deNoTZOBk+H8xjWy0MEYPgtAEsbLxSMHZeNRjV' + 'YlHAVYtmK4lxhaCFhHDJjLEsOoiEgEAVvMyGw=='); if (FindBitmap(X, Y, Bmp, XLeft, YTop, XRight, YBottom)) then ClickMouse(X, Y, mbLeft); bmp.Free; end; Wait(150); until (False);end.end. Could I have done something, by mistake, or is it just the game im playing, that could have made some changes?
  4. Hello Thank you sir. I have some more infomation. If you look at the picture, the "OK" button is what the script needs to click on. Thank you.
  5. Hello guys. I need a script that can do the following: Press arrowkey down, press arrowkey up, then wait for 15 mins. But the catch is, that any minute there can be a pop-up window with a specific button you have to press so: KeyDown KeyUp Wait 15 minuts But at the same time always "search" for the magic button. Repeat until stopped Hope you understand.
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