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    Greetings, Are you interested in remote session mentoring? Please let me know! I'd like to learn best practices, sensible ways of structuring code. Pick your brain. Pls drop your skype or phone number(global) via pm and I'll give you a call. Cheers
  2. Greetings, New to these forums, and to coding in general. I'm wondering upon which parameters would if findbitmap then click work I'm attempting to have the bot click a chrome URL BAR, then drag all the way to the left in order to select anything that might have been there. The bitmap I have chosen is the "bookmarks" star, and I'd like to have it click an amount of pixels to the left of it Code: const XLeft = 0; YTop = 0; XRight = 1439; YBottom = 899; var URLBARBMP: TSCARBitmap; X, Y: Integer; begin URLBARBMP := TSCARBitmap.Create('deNqtlGtvIWEUx/sx9sV+U+2yVWxdVrd0JaKbI' + 'mr2hRciTWyKhMZtynaDEFSQiLtlhlF16/5bW2aZ0aazfzI5zyW/55zznOe823m' + '/Q9jtdsL++OUQwWP/HTgcDpIkh8Ph3d3dgwCNRqNYLJZMpUYjQRzo/v7+6uoKw' + 'AfBCgaDAuNaKBQMDXk48/kcOZRKpWdn5slk8gInFEKqOZdKpZJIJGq1Wnq9PpF' + 'IbueEQ2E+jsfjMRqNMHw+H0EQL3DCYYaHYzAYcAswGo0GotseWjgSHjIcnF6vt' + '7u71263F0ON5nM6nd7KiTADBobb7VYqVXK54uBZNpttuS0aJQ8PlWq1Bn+F4hN' + 'WzWbLbDZbbog8cXCuWCwZj8evv2iJ5GOxWGQdFB0MmG63KxaLb25+vRKSy+X29' + 'j5UKhV2XIPBAEYmk1EoFATxne/6FkIsl5ceOAMH2PORZw4E4/zcrlarUTmcEIq' + 'iTCaTTqer1xtrS9FItN/vs2fi8bhMJp9Op5uc42Od0+nkTOMmB9VycCBj38UyI' + 'gSOzHC6ijDXOG73DxzKU+Fes9nMx6H7NPtQ1Em5XF68U7/fL5fLrVYrwzzWGE7' + 'c35c2m81NDloiTa842Wz26OgLCAwztFgsMpkMjwszWq22Wq1iA1x1uVwc/pBRm' + 'l7F5fX60CtQGBqN5vT0G+oKk0jsxcUFnhj6ZyqVOjn5yukPRVPLYafT0WqPlEp' + 'lIBCAV+ydhUIBDUSlUuFCX4zrzXrkUNR/4VCCOSja+M84Wo1ASCKZvL3NI7fXE' + 'Infv1ofrzbhQ5JPI/Iaac/n871et1ar0wJEUXS3+7teq1dr1T/SZzdE'); if (FindBitmap(X, Y, URLBARBMP, XLeft, YTop, XRight, YBottom)) then MouseBtnDown(X-5, Y, mbLeft); STAND MoveMouseEx(0, Y, 5); STAND MouseBtnUp(X, Y,mbLeft); URLBARBMP.Free; Feel free to comment on anything you see here which I may have done unoptimally. Cheers
  3. Thankyou very much for that code.
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