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  1. Thanks again for the follow up I'm currently looking into TextTPA, In the meanwhile I found a common link between the formats and switched to using DTM's which has worked incredibly well. The icon in the top left of these menus is exactly the same, doesn't move, can't be resized and the offsets are the same on different windows appearances. So this seems to have solved all my problems and I've now got a script that's working on multiple setups. The only thing I would like to do to optimize what I've made is somehow get the script to type faster than 'typetext' allows, this is fairly nit picky as the whole script is still faster than a human can do it and more accurate. I reallllly appreciate your replies and the help you offer others it's so awesome.
  2. Thanks heaps for the reply Wanted. It sounds like detecting multiple different styles will be the way. Would creating two bitmaps and then using two 'FindBitmap' functions with an if/or be the cleanest approach? The location of a lot of these buttons is based on where the user has dragged the window so they can be completely random & on rare cases on the second screen. Thanks again for the reply it will help greatly with what I'm trying to achieve.
  3. Hi to whoever can help me and thank you in advance I've been using SCAR for a while to automate some tedious jobs at my work and it works great! I've only used basic sequences up until now for use on my own machine but wish to make the script work on other computers. I recently got bmp's working consistently on my computer and others that run the same windows appearance (windows classic theme) The problem is some people have a different windows theme which changes the color and adds gradients sometimes. This then means the buttons I wish to find and click have nothing unique about them on the different appearances. I've attached two examples and my basic script. Win7 Classic: drop down menu tooltip text Win7 Basic: drop down menu tooltip text Let me know if I wasn't clear enough Cleanup.scar Cleanup.scar
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