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  1. Neither is FindBitmap working on my VirtualBox. Kinda strange.
  2. Cos' the server im accessing is through RemoteDesktop, and the server locks when I disconnect. That why I installed VirtualBox and a Windows on it. I also checked 32bit color depth. Any other ideas?
  3. Hi guys! I got this script that is working absolutely fine on my own Win 8.1 PC. Just installed VirtualBox on my server with Win10 for the script to run 24/7, and now the if FindColor function seems not to work. I tested the colorpicker tools, same color still and window size seems also fine, but does not react. But versions are SCAR Divi 3.41 and code line is: if FindColor(x,y,6738431,3,61,402,423) Any ideas?
  4. The very first line still produces compiler error: function GetRandomWord() : string; "Identifier expected" Im using SCAR 3.41 EDIT: Never mind figured it out starting from the buttom, and adding on what I wanted. Thanks for the help guys!
  5. Hey, thanks man! The first line makes Compiler Error; Identifier expected? Im trying to make something like this: function GetRandomWord() : string; var words : TStrArray; begin words := ['Apple', 'Banana', 'Peach', 'Blueberry']; result := words[Random(length(words))]; end; TypeText(GetRandomWord()); Wait(random(500)); TypeText(#13);
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering how I can create like a wordbank. In either an array or maybe in a .txt file to list the words. And then SCAR randomly takes one of the lines, and does a TypeText.
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