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  1. Bump, really need a fix for this please... cant script at all on my main PC
  2. Hey All, I am having this same problem, is there a known solutions for this? If I open up mspaint and place one red dot on the canvas and run the below script with scar, it moves my mouse below and to the right of the color exactly x + 60 and y + 32 from where it should be. My Resolution is set to 1536 X 864. Any attempts to capture coordinates using the color picker causes the screen to zoom in substantially and is resulting in inaccurate coordinates. var x, y: integer; begin if FindColor(x, y, clRed, 0, 0, 500, 500) then MoveMouse(x, y); end. **EDIT: I wanted to add that using color picker and scar on a different PC with the resolution set the same does not reproduce this problem. It has been a problem on windows 8.1 and windows 10, but not on a pc that is running windows 7 **
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