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  1. if FindColorSpiral(x, y, col, 27, 0, 531, 200) then gives me Compiler Error. Variable Expected If I try FindColorSpiral2 or FindColorSpiralTolerance, I get unknown identifier. I just downloaded the newest version of SCAR today
  2. Hey, I'm trying to push down F4 in my script and it doesn't work. Tried: VKeyDown(115); Thanks! -username
  3. Sorry, I completely forgot that for some reason the script only worked inside virtual box. Well I ran it inside and it works perfect! (The mouse click ones always only worked inside virtualbox.) But hey, last time I downloaded the newest SCAR I couldn't figure out how to make it press keys. That's why I reverted back to 3.13 I appreciate your devotion to helping SCAR users all these years Freddy! This thread can be closed.
  4. After trying to use another script where I had mouse controls, it also doesnt work and the mouse is clicking in the same spot no matter what coords I provide.
  5. Hey Everyone, Thanks for being here to help. Using SCAR Divi 3.13 I'm trying to make a script that will search the screen for a color, and then click it. I know the color is always there no matter what. The color moves around the screen. Here's what I have: program Automage; var c, i, x, y, w, h:integer; begin i := 1; c := 0; findwindowtitlepart('game',false); activateclient; wait(700); keydown(115); GetClientDimensions(w, h); while (i = 1) do begin while (c < 60) do begin findColor(x, y, 1638350, 0, 0, w - 1, h - 1); clickmouse(x, y, true); wait(1000); c := c + 1; end; wait(10000); c := 0; end; end. After targeting the window, and hitting play, the mouse clicks but it keeps pointing at 1 location. At about 30, 50. If I try changing the paramaters of findColor: findColor(x, y, 1638350, 0, 0, w - 1, h - 1); I get "Canvas does not allow drawing" If I try using findColorCircle, I get the same error. Thanks, -username
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