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  1. Thanks a lot, that's actually a good idea/method. I should have thought of that!..
  2. Nice, glad it worked! Things are poorly documented for the most part, so you might have trouble finding function changes, I sure have had a lot of trouble anyways. Your best bet is to check the wiki (poor documentation), or google exactly what you are looking for. Unfortunately there is very little support for scar these days it seems. =/ Edit- I found a useful source of function changes/ renamed functions ect. Hope this helps! http://scar-divi.apponic.com/changelog/3.35.00-142308/
  3. I haven't needed to use that function yet before. I think it's: FindBitmapTol ? I know what you mean about functions changing being annoying. I am having an issue myself with GetKeyCode being changed.. If the changes were documented better somewhere, this wouldn't be an issue. D;
  4. Is there a download archive anywhere? I checked here, the old site, elsewhere but it only has up to version 3.20 or so. I need 3.34, because I can't use the newest versions currently. =/
  5. I definitely have the paths right, because everything in my script worked perfect in 3.13 Just to test, I tried WriteIn(UserName) and it did write in Debug Box. Something in your ReadString Procedure, will not work with this game I play I guess to type the text properly. Yea this game honestly should have died a long time ago. This is the last game I'd tell others to start playing simply because of all the problems/ lack of players. The only reason I still play it at all, is because I have known good friends there for years now, and I find it fun to script, and make bots for it ect. It's ok we couldn't get it to work, I really appreciate all your help though! I will get this fixed eventually. I am stubborn like that. = d I can't believe all this trouble because he removed one simple code!
  6. The semi colon is a legit mistake but did not effect my script at all. Also, there was no END; because that was just a part of my relog procedure. It was the only part relevant to this. The ReadString(UserName); is suppose to write my string located in my settings.ini. I do it like this example below. VAR UserName,Password,AltPath:String; UserName:=ReadINI('WeedScript','User Name',AltPath); ReadString(UserName); I think you're thinking of doing it differently? Edit- Didn't see your last sentence. People DDoS, and bot in this game alot. You can definitely check it out, but it's pretty much been a half dead game for years now. Also there are no admins around ever, and some annoying bugs, like character freezing in place every 5-10mins. I think that's caused from the owner screwing up his source.
  7. The game I am trying this for is Endless Online. I have pretty much everything converted in my script from 3.13-3.40 I'm probably just doing something obvious wrong. Also, yes I know the text field is clicked, when it should be writing strings D; The code you posted is not showing it typed in debug box also. I have your procedure below. procedure ReadString(WhatToType : AnsiString); var StringLength : Integer; CurrentPositionInString : Integer; CharacterAtThisPosition : Char; begin StringLength := Length(WhatToType); //This returns the amount of Characters that your String has for CurrentPositionInString := 1 to StringLength do //Standard For Loop, every time it repeats it Adds to CurrentPositionInString until it is the same as String Length begin CharacterAtThisPosition := StrGet(WhatToType, CurrentPositionInString); //Returns the Character from your String at this Position KeyDown(CharacterAtThisPosition); //Types it in Wait(Random(101) + 50); KeyUp(CharacterAtThisPosition); //Have to let go of the Key Wait(Random(101) + 50); end; //When the end of your String has been reached Wait(Random(251) + 250); VKeyDown(VK_RETURN); //Confirms by pressing Enter Wait(Random(101) + 50); VKeyUp(VK_RETURN); //Have to let go of the Key end; I'm trying to call it in my auto relog procedure like below IF FindColor(X,Y,7045797,414,344, 414,344) THEN BEGIN IF RelogClickSound = 1 THEN PlaySound('C:\Program Files\WeedScriptSounds\RelogClick.wav'); WriteLn('[ENTERING USERNAME]') WAIT(200); ReadString(UserName);
  8. I got it compiled fine, but it will not write my strings. =/ Is there not a simple replacement code for GetKeyCode? It would make it so much easier. The line below is the only code that I need to convert from 3.13>3.40 KeyDown(GetKeyCode(StrGet(Str,i))) I'll try to mess around some more.
  9. Thank you very much Creator! I really appreciate your help. I'll test it in a while! If I have any questions later, I'll definitely ask you if you don't mind. Thanks!
  10. Wow that was a fast reply! Well I have been working on a Script/Form for a while with scar 3.13. This procedure is suppose to read strings, so I can use my auto login procedure. GetKeyCode was changed in newer versions to something else. I cannot figure this out, as I have looked everywhere! Error- Unknown Identifier 'GetKeyCode'
  11. I can't figure out how to get this ReadString procedure to work with newer versions of scar. D; It works fine with Scar 3.13 (Outdated). Any help would be appreciated! {READSTRING} PROCEDURE ReadString(str: STRING); VAR i,StrLength :Integer; Goer: Boolean; BEGIN i:=1 StrLength:=Length(Str) Goer:=False WHILE(i<StrLength+1) DO BEGIN IF(GetKeyCode(StrGet(Str,i))=191) THEN BEGIN KeyDown(16) Goer:=True i:=i+1 END; KeyDown(GetKeyCode(StrGet(Str,i))) WAIT(16); KeyUp(GetKeyCode(StrGet(Str,i))) WAIT(16); KeyUp(GetKeyCode(StrGet(Str,i))) WAIT(16); i:=i+1 IF (Goer=True) THEN BEGIN KeyUp(16); WAIT(400); END; END; WAIT(400); END; {END OF READSTRING}
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