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  1. Hey Bixby, Appreciate the reply. Problem is I am stuck in a tough spot and really dont need many other scripts made at this time just one good working one. I have time to learn bits and pieces at a time but was hoping to have one sooner than later and figured paying someone $300 - $500 USD to write it for me while I work is more productive than learning the language over again and then a experienced coder can tackle it and hopfully can be more productive.
  2. You guys can find me on Skype User: Bro_Ball
  3. Used to use scar back in the day on runescape first gen and worked really well. Used to know how to do basic scripts but since forgotten so hoping to pay someone to tackle a project for another game for me. Thinking it will work good with finding images and solving basic problems (clicking off a loop ect). If anyone is interested inbox me or post and I can give job and what I need and see if we can come to an agreement. Thanks.
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