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  1. I used scar divi in 2011, it's been 4 years and I have lost my original scripts and quite frankly, have forgotten how all of this works! Basically, I use one of those pay to surf bars that has bonus banners apear randomly. My surf bar is always in the same position. I need help making a script to click on bonus banners that apear on the surfbar and validate the captcha that apears in the browser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1042[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1043[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1044[/ATTACH] I guess the banner could be found by colour or bitmap. When the banner is clicked, a window opens in my browser asikng to validate a captcha. I have romula automatic captcha solver but even with that, I need to validate by clicking on next ('Suivant in french') Here is a step by step with images Like I said, any help would be greatly appreciated since I seem to have lost my limited abilities to write some codes... Hope the images are pretty much self explanitory P.S. had some issues with attached images so some bonus banners are in thumbnails at bottom - - - Updated - - - Just to mkae it clearer I need a script that will 1 - recognize bonus banner in surf bar 2- click on bonus banner 3- in browser drag captcha image (always in same position but changes colour) into inputbox, wait 5-10 seconds 4- click 'Suivant' to validate and if you feel like throwing in an extra, might as well close the browser
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