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  1. Ahh funny that, never looked it that way. From the looks of it, it seems to be working smoothly. So now it will go to a random spot from within the set coordinates and click with random intervals. And once the number of clicks are greater than a random number between 5-155, the procedure Click is started again with a new set of x and y. Trying to keep it all random. Thank you guys for the help and I will most likely try make a simple one later on seeing as how I enjoyed this.
  2. MouseBox method didn't seem to work, but the first one did and I also understood where you were coming from. But now I am lost as to how I make the procedure repeat. Is this the outline? procedure Click; begin _____ end; begin Click; end. - - - Updated - - - I think the MouseBox error might have been due to me using v3.22
  3. Hey thanks for the help So basically I have this script that I just found again that auto-clicks after every random time. Originally this was a script where you put in the location you want it to click and so forth. However me being the expert I tend to be I changed it so it would click wherever the current mouse position is. But now I want it get the current mouse position, and then add some random distance from the current mouse position. So if the X cord currently was 5, I want it to have 5 + 1,10 "distance". This would just help create some randomness of where it would click. I know this is not the best explanation but I hope you get the general idea. Was wondering if anyone had any clue on how to do so Thanks!
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