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  1. Well, first of all I know for a fact some servers put in methods such as if you click in the same spot over and over and never move your mouse, your going to trigger something, like having a mod come watch you. The system doesn't automatically ban you, or know for sure that your botting, it just alerts some one to come check on you, that's when they start testing you. It's also to put in a check on the server, say if you click exactly every 200ms, that could trigger something, like a crappy auto clicker. There are plenty of ways to easily add a check like this, and believe it or not some servers actually have some good detection. As for selling my scripts, I was a little high last night and worded it wrong. I only want RSCE gold if I go out of my way to make you something nice. But really, I don't even want RSCE gold, so I'll probably be giving them out for free... So far I've made an autocaster, autominer, woodcutter, arrowshafter and fletcher. I'll post them all when I'm ready. They all pretty much work the same, the only difference is 1 or 2 procedures. I have a script template and I update that, I could turn my woodcutter into a fisher in about 10 minutes... And a check in the main loop for a random black box out of no where is incredibly easy to add in, I could have it check for the box and select 1 of 5 different random variations of saying hello back. A if getcolor, and if getcolor, and then Moderator; procedure, says a couple things and stops script and goes afk. Problem solved. I'll just give these fucking things out when I I got them how I like them, I'm just doing because i like scripting... - - - Updated - - - Actually, they did monitor your mouse. Early versions of SCAR only had MoveMouse, and the reason why kaitnieks added these newer commands like MoveMouseSmooth or MoveMouseEx, could tell your mouse was moving with unnatural speed and precision. Sendkeyssilent was removed, so was movemousesilent, because jagex could tell that your cursor and click wasn't adding up. If your repeatedly clicking and moving your mouse in a robotic pattern, you don't need some genius math algorithm Read thisand tell me it can't be done easily enough... http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/51150/how-can-auto-click-software-be-detected-to-stop-botting-cheating
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