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  1. lol 40 is almost as fast.... This worked, thanks mate
  2. Hello, i use the following command: MoveMouseEx i use speed 100 but sometimes the mouse moves very slow and restarting the program SOMETIMES helps..... what is the problem? (I do not use any random factor)
  3. any possibility to display runtime errors aswell?
  4. Oort that DID work!! Thank you!
  5. still dont get it:( Never worked with includes before......... This is how it works WriteLn((TimeToStr(Time))+' Text Here'); EDIT I found a command "GetReportText"......I can write in it(AddToReport) but when i save it, it is blank...... I use this proc program New; var s: string; x: Integer; begin x := RewriteFile('C:\Debug.txt', false); s := GetReportText; AddToReport(s); WriteFileString(x, s); CloseFile(x); end. However, the file created doesnt contain anything...Am i using GetReportText in wrong way?
  6. Hello..... i would like to know if it is possible to save the debug box's content on a text file... Searched everywhere, still cant find it Thanks in advance for any help
  7. Hey Oort. You can use this command FormStyle := fsStayOnTop; This will make form stay always on top
  8. My form is ready with saving option. Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it. First i wanna do this USES ShelAPI; .................................................. ......... .................................................. ......... var wHandle : THandle; begin //Run Excel or any program. ShellExecute(Application.Handle,'Open','Excel.exe' ,nil,nil,SW_NORMAL); //Wait for it to be loaded. Sleep(500); //Get the handle of the other program using the caption of the window. wHandle := FindWindow(NIL,'Microsoft Excel - Book1'); //Now change the parent of the other program to be your program. Windows.SetParent(wHandle,self.Handle); This is for delphi. How to Take it into scar? Just another question not about forms. I found this https://villavu.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45534 It is a webclient. I see many times saying that can find content even minimized(which is what i meant with background). So, uhm, how to load that dll? I mean, i am running scar 3.40 portable and there's no plugins folder neither in scar's directory nor in documents. P.S.(The game is flash based) Thanks in advance
  9. Yes, that did work! Thanks again! Just a random question. Is it possible to run a browser in a scar form? and if yes,(thats a bit crazy), to make this run in background with its own mouse and keyboard(so the user can still use his pc if scar is using mouse/keyboard)
  10. Thanks dude, now im able to understand many things. Still have some questions though. For example, i have a form with only an Ok button and the "X" symbol for exit. How can i make the script terminate and close form if "X" pressed while If ok pressed, to close the form and continue with the script? Tried messing around with modal results but failed.
  11. Thx Bixby That helped a looooooot! Please some more questions. What is the difference between using records or not?(In form editor, "code" tab) Also when im trying to make a multi line label(through form creator)(word wrapper true, autosize false) code viewer crashes....?? Found it...it crashes when the text exceed a specified amount of characters, dont know why happens though
  12. never mind. Page control with its tab sheets fits my needs. Still need answer for questions 1 and 3
  13. haha oh yeah, that was what i was searching for! Some questions.... 1)On enter, on exit events, what's their purpose? I mean OnExit couldn't have been used as OnClose like procedure FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction); begin PreMain.Caption:= PreMain.Caption + '.'; PreMain.ModalResult:= mrOk; //Action:=caFree; //disabled this, caused only errors end; or do i miss something? 2)I tried to create tabs with TTabControl and added the tab names but still all the tabs show the same stuff... Do i miss something here too? 3)How can i ask the user enter a value (e.g a number or a string) and then make the script understand that String:='fff' or Integer:=50 ??? Thanks man
  14. It is like learning something new on your own which is actually not possible. Even by trial and error, if you dont have a clue, you cant move further.... Found this http://www.scar-divi.com/oldmanual/ Scroll down till the end and there is an example. Freddy also states somewhere above the following "For more help on properties and methods of individual classes consult Delphi help or internet search" So this may be the reason that there is no documentation for these. I will search the whole thing and answer back if i find something. (2 noobs = 1 pro )
  15. I had already read the first one but i didn't understand anything. The second one you sent was really useful as i learned handling some stuff. I Still dont know though, how to make changes in the script through a form(e.g. change a boolean by ticking-unticking a box)
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