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  1. ive been cosidering rscemulation but so much is broken. THey dont even have r2hs and last i checked people selling rune long swords for 140k which leads me to think champs guild is broken somehow ya some of RSCR's captchas have letters too that i can never get right lol. What I meant toby was, they are ok with you afking. but not botting, if you are afk your client will not be sending any actions to the server. However if you are botting you are same as if you are actively playing.
  2. Thanks guys. Ya I actually approached it a slightly different way most of the scripts on this forum atm are simple color clickers for fighting. Thus I just added an if statement in front of it that says if the color found is NOT in this area proceed. That way it never misclicks in the menu nor misclicks in the combat style window (albeit i havent thoroughly tested both). That first method is interesting, because I feel if i got teleported i'd assume it was lag and i'd also click the object lol. There aren't a lot of mods however with only 50 or so players it's easy to police i guess. Ya I saw your mod detection. I wonder if they look for log times with actions, a lot of people afk train but that would show as online with no actions given to server, if you say only had the bot run 13 hours then logout for 5-6 then repeat it would seem more 'human'. I may end up pulling apart the jar and seeing what's all in there there are a few things i'd like to change etc. I'm sorta using this as a side project when i'm bored/ procrastinating on doing research. Ill continue to post to these forums with what I find/ create.
  3. I figured here was the place to ask. I've been working to modify some scar scripts here to make them a bit more user friendly and add basic features etc... One of the things for example is making sure you never click in the combat style box AND never click in the menu box AND if the mouse hovers over menu somehow it makes sure to move out of menu area first before clicking (doesnt work for friend menu yet will fix that as sometimes it clicks to send private message)... However I'm curious on two things... 1) decompiling the client( just a jar) and creating an injection or reflection bot from there RSCRevolution claims to have bot detection but.... this is java.. how good is there bot detection really? and what exactly does it exist of? there are ways to create fake mouse jitter or etc i'm sure. though it may be something a bit more complicated.... OCR however SCAR allows pretty complex scripting that is virtually undetectable as a 'bot' since of course it is acting as you which makes things much harder to see (using random can crate more human like behaviour). There is still one problem with the most recent scripts for RSCRevolution they can't sleep... I've read of bots in the past using things such as leosleep etc a long with SCAR is this still possible? or is there some other OCR we could use to run along side scar? then check for fatigue 100 sleep away properly type in code and away we go
  4. interesting. Ya my rscr char is much further a long. Ill stick to that then, Ill prolly start making some scripts in weeks to come atm pretty swamped with thesis work
  5. of rscrevolution and rscemulation which do you prefer? trying to figure out which one i want to play and start scripting with. i see theres only like 60 online in rscrevolution where as 135 in emulation
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