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  1. Really nice one! Now if only you would make a library for map walking.. Wonder if there any out already? Banking fisher, for example for karamja would be overkill.
  2. Start at anywhere with Iron Rocks nearby. It doesn't have any special features, it just clicks at the rocks. (And ofc Auto-Login after 5 minutes.) Display Progressbar: ON Have fun! Will probably make this better if bored IronPowerMiner.scar
  3. Have been looking for a simplistic function that could return text from a RSC client? Anybody knows how to do it or have a function for it already? Thanks in advance!
  4. INSTRUCTIONS (for the best success rate) 1. Start in chicken coop compass set like in the picture. (This way it can actually kill the chickens in the hut too) 1½. This will probably work on other places too, just test it. 2. Turn off global chat. 3. Check that fatigue is at 0% 4. Done! FEATURES It just kills, no autologin, deathwalking, picking up items or anything like that. Maybe in future, but not for now. OTHER Thanks for Toby1, I built this based on your lumbridge castle killer, but there's really not that much code left from your original code. Thanks for the idea though! ChickenKiller.scar
  5. bitigo


    Wot? Haven't seen a single bot there. Maybe its CodeXRSC?
  6. Ahh.. Damn Scripts for RSCR would be more than appreciated though, tried my hands on pascal and just decided that NOPE. Please scripters!
  7. Uhh.. Am I missing something? http://i.imgur.com/M4HRAjx.jpg Doesn't seem to work. Or is it PRSC only?
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