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    Scar lol
  1. Is there a book on pascal, which would be compatible with Scar 3.40? I am trying to learn about scripting with scar and need something that teaches me about pascal and debugging the scripts. Thanks for your time, consideration and help.
  2. I play a game called Steel Legions, looking for a gear farming bot I have a lvl 25 tank and farm lvl 21 marauders. http://steellegions.com/en/ If you decide to create one Thank you, I am just now learning to use scar.
  3. I play a game called Steel Legions, fps, pvp. The player drives a tank and fights others to level up or for control of stormlands. ( Capital leveling up and supply collection, Stormlands general pvp, and 3 award pvp maps ) This game can be costly to play so I farm for supplies, which is time consuming process. I am hoping someone here has played this game and can suggest some scripting for farming gears and supplies. I farm lvl 21 marauders. Any general help is much appreciated In advance of any and all help; Thanks for helping an ole noob.

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    <p><p><p>Looking for someone in down river area to help me learn programing. Willing to buy the coffee and snacks.</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>I have access to a ts for ease of conversation.</p></p></p>

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  5. Greetings all, I am a noob to writing scripts and using scar. I need a guide to the graphical user interface of scar with a general explanation of the usage of the various buttons. I am currently reading the available tuts. Thank you so much for all of the help you provide. Well with a little diggin I found this. http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?t=1811 Wonderful starter tut. Thanks
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